Uploading photos is so important! It helps us keep our content current and relevant.  

Photo Organization Process: 

1. Camera (EpL7) 

Delete all extras from the camera that you don’t need.  You can do this by viewing the photos on the screen and hitting the trash can. 

2. Salon Cell 

How to upload the photos from the camera to the Salon Cell (see video below).  

3.  PhotoShop Express 

Log in info for Photoshop express: 



Process for editing:

a. Once you are logged in, upload a photo by selecting it from the camera roll.  

b. Then, go into 'my looks' in Photoshop Editor, choose 'standard HD' or leave as original 

c.  The only things you will typically need to adjust, are the exposure (add brightness to the photo but don't wash out the skin),  and the contrast (add a little contrast without making the picture look harsh).  

d.  see example photo on what to match to.  Hold it up to this photo... Does it look cohesive and like it's from the same brand?  Please do not adjust hair color photos with filters.  

4. Uploading to DropBox: 

Once you have finished editing in PE, hit the square with an arrow (top right), go all the way down to '...More', and slide over to 'Copy to DropBox' option.  

Drop Box Login: 


Pass: 29Jeremiah11

Rename the file to describe the photo (example: walletoutsideofsalonwithsunglasses, and then choose a file to save it to).  It should be for the month it was taken and the year (example: July2018).  No folder for the month you are in?  Hit 'choose a different folder' and make a new one.   Once you have saved it to the folder, please delete from the phone.  



1) Would I be attracted to this product or service? 

2) Is the picture clear and of good quality (not grainy or blurry) 

3) Would it be too busy? (mostly like clean backgrounds, and crop out street signs or messy stuff).  Doesn't have to all be white background though! 

4) Do I have too many of the same exact pose? (if Yes, keep the best!) 

5) is it bright and beautiful?