Shampooing || OUR SECRET WEAPON!

Many times, it's their first impression of our services!

SHAMPOOING || This is our secret weapon! Once they have an HD shampoo, they are hooked. Try to be even BETTER than the experienced stylists. This is your chance to gain trust with the guests!



1. Introduce yourself and direct guest to the shampoo chair (always 'anticipate' and direct them)

2. Tell them where they can hang their purse

3. 'Before you lean back' I would like to drape a towel on your neck

4. 'You're welcome to lean back now'

5. 'We typically do 2 washes and 1 condition, is that ok with you?'

6. 'Do you have a tender head?'

7. Turn on water, should be full pressure and warm heat. Can ask 'is that temperature ok?'

8. After this point, 'bouncy ball' the conversation back to the guest to give them permission to relax. Be confident with silence if that's what they need!

9. Once hair is thoroughly wet, add 1-3 pumps of shampoo. Split the hair apart and apply to the roots, fully covering the whole head with product before starting. Can add a tiny spritz of water to 'loosen' and 'spread' the shampoo.

10. Shampoo Motions (shampooing should be a vigorous scrubbing action, medium pressure leaning your body weight into it)

11. Mohawk (front to back to front=, do that x 3)

12. Sides (front to back to front= x 3)

13. Hairline, a bit less pressure here (ear to ear x 3)

14. Lift the head (must be able to hold the weight of the head. Crown area VERY IMPORTANT, ear to ear x 3)

15. Bottom Hairline (ear to ear x 3) 1

16. Rinse (first rinse is less thorough if you are washing again)

17. Repeat #9-15, second shampoo.

13. Rinse thoroughly. This is VERY important! Commonly missed spots: Behind ears and bottom hairline.

14. Conditioner 1-3 pumps, use a combo of fingers and palms, going in a slower massage motion.

15. Conditioner should be about 1 minute, so time yourself when you're first learning!

16. When finished with the massage on the whole head, do 3 neck passes in a downward motion.

17. Rinse thoroughly!!!

18. Finish with a towel turban and say 'when you're ready, ill meet you at the ________ chair' Tell them which one to go to and turn the chair before they sit. Hint: Ask which chair before you start the shampoo.





Safest bet is always Red or Black bottle! (Beautiful Color or Signature)

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 11.20.50 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 11.20.58 AM.png

STOP! Time to Practice! Should start with a leader, practice 3 times (on teammates if possible) and then back with Leader.  Take this shampoo guide with you on an ipad to refer to the motions.  5-6 times total

FOR LEADERS: If they are approved, don't forget to add shampoos to their login!