Friendly Reminders
1. Upon arrival, please come in! We will be happy to see you.   
2.  Please wash your hands, OR use hand sanitizer upon entry.   
3.  Masks are optional for you when you're in a private station (not optional for us), but they are required in the main areas.  
4. Please note: we have contactless checkout at this time, so please have a card on file before arriving.   

Release Form 

Please submit this form before your appointment.  
I understand that this release form is valid for the next 6 months, and it is my responsibility to notify HauteDry if anything has changed within that time.  
I (or anyone in my house) have not had fever or sore throat within the last 14 days
I do not have any risk factors that require me to stay at home (or I am coming to my appointment at my own risk) 
I will wash my hands before my service
I will not hold HauteDry or it's operators responsible for any wrong doing, I am doing business at my own risk.  
I understand that typing my name above will serve as my signature.  

Thank you, WE APPRECIATE YOU!!! 

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