BlowDry + Style
Includes a shampoo service + standard BlowDry.  
Please let us know if you'd like to add curling or flat iron for timing purposes.  
[40 - 60 Min Total Booking Time]
Deluxe BlowDry + Style
Includes a shampoo service + standard BlowDry for long and/or thick hair, or Guests with extensions.  If you'd like to add curling or flat iron, please let us know at the time of booking.  
[61 - 89 Min Total Booking Time]
Premium BlowDry + Style
Our BlowDry & Style session for extra curly or thick hair, or Guests with long and thick extensions.   
[90 Min & Up Total Booking Time]
Come in clean and dry, and we will style a 'down style' with hot tools.  A 30 minute session, not recommended for long or thick hair. 
[30 Min Total Booking Time]
Keratin Smoothing Treatment
Keratin is naturally found in the hair.  As it diminishes naturally, your hair can feel frizzy, lifeless, and dull.  This treatment infuses keratin back into the hair shaft, temporarily (12-16 weeks) giving you faster drying time and a more smooth appearance.  It does not eliminate curl or get rid of the natural hair pattern.  Formaldehyde-free formula available.  
Special Event Styling
We have two different sessions (Classic and Deluxe).  We can discuss what you'd like to have done, and what is possible within that session.  Upstyles, half-up, braids- we will have you looking and feeling special!
Conditioning Treatments 
There are 4 elements to healthy hair: Bond strength, amino acids, protein, and cuticle condition.  If you're not sure what you need, book a 'LuxeTherapy Treatment' so we can diagnose for you! Start a chat here to reserve, and let us know if you'd like to leave wet or add a blowdry. 
We use Oribe masques, and have a range of choices to fit your needs, a great add on to a BlowDry service.   

Olaplex Treatment 
Olaplex builds the bonds in your hair, giving you strength from inside the cuticle. Great for color treated or damaged hair.  Let us know if you'd like to add a BlowDry!

Luxetherapy Treatment 
Luxetherapy is a diagnostic that helps us determine which category your hair needs most.  It includes the diagnostic process, and two conditioning protocols of the Stylists choice.  Let us know if you'd like to add a Blowdry! 

Amino Acid Conditioning Treatment 
A perfect balance of amino acids and protein, to give your hair new life! Add a BlowDry at the time of reservation.  


What kind of extension techniques do you offer?
We offer all methods, however our most commonly used are sew-in, fusion and hybrid (a combo of the two).  
Which brands do you offer? 
Great lengths, Bellami, and more! We choose our brands based on quality and we customize based on Guest needs and budget.  
What is the difference between Sew-In and Fusion? 
Fusion are applied in 1/4" sections to the natural hair with keratin (not glue) bonds.  They are great for fine to medium hair.  Not recommended for thick hair.  This is a slower application, but there is more time between visits.  Hair cannot be reused for follow up visits.  (Fusion Guest pictured below)
Sew-In methods apply miniature beads to the hair, and then we sew a weft to those beads.  This is a faster method and good for most hair types (not recommended for ultra fine hair).  It requires quick follow up visits (typically at the 5 week mark).  Hair can be reused for future visits until the hair needs replaced- typically around 6 months to a year after the first application.  (Picture below shows the sew-in microbeads)
Can I change my color after I add extensions? 
We recommend committing to a color plan before ordering the extensions, as there is not a predictable outcome when coloring extensions .  Although they are 100% human hair, they are dyed differently to ensure the color doesn't fade, making it more difficult to alter the extension color.  We suggest planning color changes when you're ready to change out the hair.  
Which consult should I book? 
If you've had extensions before and you know which method you like, we recommend booking an in-salon consult.  The consult can be done with any of our Extension Specialists, and they will match you with the Stylist that is best for your budget and goals.  If you've never had extensions, or you aren't clear on which method is best for you- please start with an online consult.  
I'm losing hair, are extensions right for me? 
We do not recommend hair extensions if you've had cancer treatments or have been under anesthesia in the last 6 months. If you're losing at an abnormal rate or in 'patches'. If you're losing hair due to natural aging and shedding, we may be able to recommend extensions. If you'd like a complete list of medications to avoid if you're hoping for extensions, click here.  
Do you offer payment plans? 
Yes, we do! Payment plans are only an option if approved by the Stylist performing the service.  50% non-refundable deposit is due up front, and the subsequent payments can be paid in 30 day increments.  Please note, two cards on file will be required for this option.   

What is the deposit and cancellation policy for extensions?
First time Guests will be asked to give a non-refundable 50% deposit to allow us to set the appointment in motion.  View our extension cancellation policy here. It can be found in the second to last paragraph.  Return Guests will not be required to give a deposit, however- a 50% non refundable deposit will be charged if cancelled within the 2 week mark.

Amanda Shaffer is a Fusion Extension Specialist, with over 19 years experience.  She does fusion methods with Great Lengths, and loves to exceed your expectations.  She is Owner of HauteDry Salon. 

Viktoria Zuckert specializes in Sew-In extensions and full color transformations.  She is a Master at visualizing your goals, and doing the work to get you there.  She is a Director Stylist at HauteDry.  

Ashley LaJoie is Bellami Certified and does both Fusion and Sew-In methods.  She is strong in cutting and coloring skills!  She is a Director Stylist at Hautedry.  

A mini session, approximately 10-15 foils.  Often recommended to quickly refresh hairline and/or part. 
A traditional 'light partial', approximately 20-30 foils. This is a great maintenance session between bigger visits.  
A traditional 'heavy partial' or 'light full'  approximately 35-50 foils. Great if it's your first visit, or if it's 'been a while' since your last session.  
A full foil, heavy highlight/lowlight.  Looking for a color corrections? Please start with an online consult.  Approximately 60-70 foils.   
Highlighting Sessions
We highly recommend a color gloss with each highlighting appointment.  This balances the PH of the hair after the service, and allows us to soften any foil lines, and/or correct old tones in the hair if needed.  Cut and/or BlowDry can be added to the service.  All highlighting sessions can be converted to Balayage with higher level Stylists, as this technique requires more experience.  
Root Color 
A single process root color, let us know if you'd like to refresh your ends, add a color gloss, and or add a BlowDry so we can add it on to your reservation.  See below to view our preferred brands.  
Redken Color Gels & Shades EQ 
Olaplex available as a color add-on 
Color Gloss
Recommended for all lightening services! It balances the PH of the hair, and adds amino acids to the hair shaft (creating strength and shine).  Color gloss can be formulated to counteract tones, enhance, or can also be done in clear.  
Color Shot
A mini-mixture of color, applied to the hairline & part.  This is great if you have a special event or travel, and you're not quite ready to receive the whole service.  Please let us know if you'd like to add a blowdry! 
Platinum Retouch
If you're an all over blonde (single process blonde on the roots), this platinum retouch will be performed by a highly skilled Stylist and includes Olaplex (insurance for the hair).  Please note, this session is only for existing all over blondes.  If you'd like to convert to platinum, we will need a color correction service to get you on the right track.  A color gloss is highly recommended, and let us know at the time of reserving if you'd like to book a Blowdry. 



Nail Offerings
Our Nail Specialist does a 'Dry Pedicure' method.  It is a popular European technique that helps the polish stay longer and is more sanitary.  If you'd like your mani or pedi while you get your hair done, let us know- we are happy to accommodate that request.  Nail art is available upon request, please let us know at the time of booking so we can reserve enough time.  
Express Polish Change
Buff and polish (uncharge for Gel Polish) 

The Naked Manicure & Pedicure
Sans Polish, using Nailtiques System to build up nail health

Classic Manicure & Pedicure 
Nail care, buff, mini massage, and polish

Deluxe Manicure & Pedicure
Includes massage, exfoliant, nail care and gel polish! 
Beach Cut 
Get a shampoo service and haircut, leave wet 

Child's Cut [Discount not available with certain Stylist levels]
8 and younger.  Blowdry included if within the time.  

Specialty Haircut + BlowDry [New Look] 
This session would be booked with a more experienced Stylist 

Men's Haircuts
We have 3 sessions: Refresh (quick clean up), Renew (Standard) and Revive (Fades, changes, or new Guest) 
Brow Services
Brow Wax, or Exclusively Tweeze Shaping 

Brow Tint 
For Grey Coverage, or slight lightening or darkening of the brows  

Brow Lamination
Giving the brows texture and structure for a modern and edgy look

Henna Brow 
Henna slightly stains the skin and the hair, giving the illusion of a fuller brow for up to 3 weeks 
Waxing Services
Brow, Lip or Chin Wax


Full Leg 

Half Leg


Lash Services
Classic Lash Extensions 
Single lashes, natural 

Hybrid Lash Extensions
Naturally full, 2-3 per lash   

Volume Lash Extensions
Dramatic, 4 & up per lash

Lash Fill 

Lash Tint
Darken the lashes to give a fuller look 

Lash Lift 
A gentle perm for the eyelashes 



Do you offer on-site services? 
Yes, we offer bridal services within a 15 mile radius for an additional charge.  We can send one Stylist, or a whole team (depending on your budget and timing goals).  Our wedding coordinator will discuss options with you based on your needs.  We can also accommodate large groups in-salon! 
Why don't you accept gratuity? 
Everything we do is with your time in mind.  Our team is just paid differently than traditional Stylists, so tipping isn't a factor for their income.  We believe a flat-rate pricing system allows you to focus on your big day, without worrying about who or what to tip.  Don't worry, our team loves this system!
What does each Special Event Hair Session include? 
Our special event sessions (Classic & Deluxe) are time-based.  Once we find out about your hair and goal, we can match you with the correct session and do the math on what that session would include. For some situations, we may be able to do a wash/Blowdry, and others we may ask you to come clean and dry.  
What does each Makeup Session include? 
Our makeup sessions (Classic and Deluxe) are time-based.  Depending on your goal, we will match you up with the correct Artist and session. Both sessions include a full-face, and lashes are an add-on.  We have Battington silk lashes, or you're welcome to bring your own and just pay for the application.  
What do I need to do to reserve my date? 
First, we need you to submit a request (see below).  After that point, our Wedding Coordinator or Salon Coordinator will reach out to chat with you about your date and needs.  At that point we can give a rough estimate on pricing (pricing changes in small increments each year).  Then, we would need a card on file per our cancellation policy.  There will be a $5 charge the week of the wedding (just to ensure the card is valid).  
Can my bridesmaids pay separately?  
Yes! If you'd like them to be on separate bills, we are happy to reach out to them directly.  Please note: if they do not respond, we will cancel their appointment due to our reservation policy (we will send you a courtesy message first).  
What is your wedding cancellation policy? 
View our cancellation policy here.  The wedding policy can be found in the last paragraph.  

1. Get To Know You
  • New or Existing Guest? 
  • ​Hair Type 
  • ​Date & Time Preferences 
2. Discover Your Goal (Per Visit)
  • ​Consult Needs
  • ​Desired Outcome Your Visit 
  • ​Stylist Skill Level Required 
3. Reservation Systems
  • Intake Form (First Time Guests)
  • ​Cancellation Policy 
  • ​Card on File 
4. Happy, Repeat Visitor
  • Repeat Visits Offered
  • ​Thorough Notes For Your File
  • ​Quality Guarantee On Your Service
Customized Options For You, By Request
    To allow us to serve you in the most efficient manner, please let us know if you'd like to add any of the items below.   If we do not hear from you, we will assume you are waiving these requests.  Thank you! 
  • ​Quote: We are happy to provide a rough estimate, OR if you'd like give us a max budget and we will let you know what's possible within that. If you do not request a quote, we will work solely based on needs & ideal outcomes. Please note: any changes made in the plan could result in a charge difference, discussed by you and the Stylist performing the service.  
  • ​Post-Service Checkout: Due to our 'Sans' Checkout experience, Stylists ring out the bill at the end of the day, at the same time they take care of your notes (instead of at the end of your service).  If you would like to see the bill before leaving, please let us know at the time of reservation so we can make a note in your file and prepare ahead of time. All Guests will receive an itemized receipt as long as their email is on file.  
  • ​Stylist Request: We will match you with a Stylist based on your date/time preferences and skill level required unless you request or mention a particular Stylist. 
  • ​Patch Test: If you reserve a chemical service without requesting the patch test at least 24 hrs before, we will assume you are waiving the patch test.  If you have any skin conditions or concerns, please consult your Dr. before reserving.  

Additional Questions? Chat with Us