Keratin Treatment


 What is a Keratin Treatment?

Keratin is a vital protein that is naturally in our hair. Over time and through damage we lose some of that natural protein. Keratin treatment infuses it back into the hair, giving your strands strength & combats frizz.

Will it ‘straighten’ my hair?

Keratin treatments do not chemically alter the hair (like a chemical straightener would). It does smooth hair, reducing frizz and cuts down drying time!

What brand do you use?

We use Lasio! We love it and believe it’s a more gentle option than other brands out there, and still effective.


Level 1 [297]

Level 2 [324]

We are happy to announce we are now a ‘Flat Rate’ Salon.  No gratuity accepted.  Please click here for more info on this! 

We have 3 Stylist Levels based on experience + demand.  Please let us know if you have a preference, and we will do our best to accommodate!

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