Is this human hair? 

Yes! 100% Human Hair, Remy (cuticle all facing the same direction), and able to be curled or straightened just like your own hair.

How do I color match my hair?

Don’t leave it up to chance!  If you're needing help, schedule a video chat with a HauteDry Beaute' Additions expert. If you live in the Vero Beach area and are still unsure of which color would match best, schedule an in-house color matching session here

What if I don't like the color?

Due to sanitary reasons, we are not able to return or exchange beaute' additions.  If you're not positive about your color choice, please stop in for a Custom Fitting! 

How do they attach to my hair? 

They are a comfortable and light clip-in attachment.  We recommend giving a light tease to the hair you'd like to attach the addition to.  They can come out after each use, and you can change up the location of the addition! 

Can I color this hair?

We do not recommend coloring,  bleaching, or toning your extensions. Our extensions are 100% human remy hair, therefore, dying or coloring may cause damage. If you color/alter your extensions we cannot guarantee the outcome.  

Can I cut my addition?

Your HauteDry Beaute' Addition should be cut by a professional using a razor. Start with small amounts and work your way up to the perfect length for you.  Can also be trimmed with scissors in a point-cutting technique.  You could also send us your measurement and we will trim for you.  Or, for locals, feel free to stop in and we will trim your piece- on us! 

Can I sleep in them?

We do not recommend sleeping in your additions. Proper care and storage of your HauteDry Beaute' Additions can extend the life of your pieces. 

How Long will they last? 

The life span of your extensions will be reflected by how often you wear them, as well as how they are cared for. We recommend replacing your extensions every 4-6 months.

How do I care for the Beaute' Additions? 

We recommend using a heat protectant when you style the additions, wash them a maximum of once every 3 weeks, and store them in a clean, dry place.  Not recommended to over-curl or flat iron, the hair can be damaged much like human hair if overused.  

Beaute Additions .jpeg