Want an instant and dramatic change?  We'd love to show you our collection of ready to wear hair!  Currently, we offer Balmain Ready to Wear Ponytails in an assortment of colors!  Gives instant length and drama to your Ponytail.  


We LOVE Great Lengths.  We believe in their quality, it's ethically sourced, and the application process is damage-free... what could be better?  Available in multiple lengths and colors, and is used to fill in a cut, add volume, or lengthen your hair! So many fun options.  And then best part?  You can reuse the hair, and reapplication is a breeze.  Typically lasts 4-6 weeks.  


This option is for those that want their hair additions to be perfectly concealed.  The bonds are small, comfortable, and easy to hide.  Great for length, volume, or to add some extra color to your style.  Lasts approximately 12-18 weeks depending on at-home care and rate of natural hair growth.  Available in multiple lengths and colors! 

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Tape-Ins || GL APPS || complementary consult

Fusion || Consult subtracted from service || 75

Hair Piece Trim [Ready to Wear Hair] || +40