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We are happy to announce we are now a ‘Flat Rate’ Salon. No gratuity accepted. Please click here for more info on this!

We have 3 Stylist Levels based on experience + demand. Please let us know if you have a preference, and we will do our best to accomodate!


We work in sessions to allow freedom to accomplish your goals within your time (and price) range! Anything above an HauteLight is considered a Color Correction and would need a consult to determine plan of action. Not sure which session is best for you? Set up a Color Consult- on us!

Framelights [45 min or less]

Typically for foils around the face and hairline.

[1] 72 [2] 84 [3] 96 [Director 108]

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Lumierelights [1hr 15 min or less]

For moderate Highlights or Fine Hair

[1] 132 [2] 150 [3] 180 [Director 192]

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ClassicLights [1hr 45 min or less]

ClassicLights are recommended for ‘partial’ retouches on thick hair.

[1] 160 [2] 181 [3] 253 [Director 265]

HauteLights [2 hr 30 min or less]

Recommended for thick hair, heavy blonding, or big changes (not corrections)

[1] 242 [2] 264 [3] 385 [Director 397]

  • Please remember to add your phone # in the appointment notes when booking your FaceTime Consult. Want to schedule an in-person consult? Please feel free to choose the in-salon option when reserving. Thank you!


Root Color || 90 [Director 96]

End Color Above Chin 18 || Below Chin 36

Platinum Retouch || Includes Olaplex || 108

Please remember to add a BlowDry in your appointment notes, and we will do our best to accommodate [unless you’d like to leave wet].

If you have more questions, call 772.999.5531


Olaplex Color [Strengthens & Protects] || 36

Handpainted Additions || 72

Toner || 54

Base Break || 60

Clear Gloss || 36
Color Shot || 24


Pulp Riot 1 Color || 54
Pulp Riot 2-3 Colors || 72

Pulp Riot 4 Colors & Up || 96

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