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What brand do you use? 

For fusion, we highly recommend Great Lengths.  There are additional brands available that are great for every budget and goal, but we believe GL stands above the rest with quality.  If you're interested in what makes Great Lengths superior, click here.  

What is fusion?  

Fusion is an extension technique.  We take small 1/4" squares of your own hair, and attach the same amount of hair to it, adding volume or length based on your goals.  

What is the bond made of?  

Great Lengths is a superior brand because they use keratin bonds (same chemical composition as your hair) instead of glue.  Glue hardens and doesn't allow vital nutrients into your natural hair strand.  Keratin expands and contracts when wet vs dry, allowing the hair to absorb much needed moisture.  

If I'm losing hair, are extensions right for me?  

We do not recommend hair extensions if you've had cancer treatments or have been under anesthesia in the last 6 months.  If you're losing at an abnormal rate or in 'patches'.  If you're losing hair due to natural aging and shedding, we may be able to recommend extensions.  If you'd like a complete list of medications to avoid if you're hoping for extensions, click here.  

How long do fusion extensions last?   

Great Lengths fusion extensions can last up to five months if well maintained and depending upon the type of application performed (i.e. lengthening, volumizing, etc.).   The standard time frame is 3 months.  Once removed, the hair is not reusable.  

GL Tapes (tape-ins) last about 4 – 6 weeks but can be re-used up to three time. 

Removal time frames for each method are dependent upon the state/condition of your natural hair and the amount of 'matting' in the hair at the time of removal.  Matting is caused by minimal brushing and makes the removal process take longer.  

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Viktoria is Director Stylist at HauteDry, and specializes in sew-in extensions.  A modern way to enjoy hair additions! 
Amanda is Owner of HauteDry Salon, and has been a Great Lengths Fusion Extension artist for over 15 years. She specializes in custom looks that make you feel powerful.   Book your consult now! 
Ashley is a Lead Designer Stylist at HauteDry, and Bellami certified, does both sew-in and fusion.  She has worked alongside Amanda to learn the best techniques for fusion extensions.  She will make your hair extension dreams come true! 

Ask about our payment plan options! 

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