Why a BlowDry & Style Matters

One time I went to a pizza place, and was so excited to have an awesome carb-filled meal. Then, when they delivered the pizza, it had everything… except the cheese. They were out.

SAY WHATTTTTT? I was so looking forward to the pizza as a whole! Not just the crust, toppings and sauce. This is the same thing that happens when we give an amazing service, but don’t bother to add the ‘cheese’. A blowdry is that topping that brings it all together.


Here at HauteDry we believe trust is earned in stages, kinda like a staircase. The first step is shampoo services (more on this another time), the next is a BlowDry.

We will name our top 10 reasons why a beautifully executed BlowDry is CRUCIAL to the success of a new Stylist.

  1. This is a NON-Permanent Service, more people will be likely to trust you with it.

  2. If a beautiful color and cut are performed, the BEST way to ‘top off the pizza’ is to give an amazing BlowDry & Style Service.


3. The Guest will see that you’re knowledgable and pay attention to detail. They will be likely to come back again… return visits are everything!!!

4. When their hair lasts for days, (still looking good) you will be the person they keep thinking of.

5. Special events happen more often that color/cutting services, so this is a great service to build your business.

6. Experienced Stylists will be more likely to ‘pass off’ BlowDry & Style services, rarely will they ask someone to take over a color or cut.

7. Learning a solid and proven BlowDry system will help you learn other services in an efficient manner.

8. BlowDry & Styles will dramatically increase your product knowledge and ability to sell comfortably.

9. Have you seen what a great Style does to a person’s confidence? You have the power to make someone’s day!

10. You get to marry technical skills with artistic. What could be better?

Want to know more about our BlowDry & Style training? Check it out here!

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