Salon Turnover

So did you hear?  Half of our team is no longer with us.  

Photos by Yaqar Photography

Photos by Yaqar Photography



So back to the story of losing half our Stylists… it's not what you think!  There was no dramatic Salon Walk-Out orchestrated carefully via a coup.  They were all unique situations, none of them for the same reason.  Let's not focus on the beautiful people who left due to Injury, going out on their own, getting out of the industry altogether, etc.   Let's focus on MY growth and decision making through this process for the ones that no longer aligned with us.  To tell you the truth,  I purposefully hit the first domino (make the decision to protect the culture), and then the rest of them came tumbling down. When you commit to the culture, people who ‘aren’t a fit’ expose themselves more quickly and clearly.

In my mind, turnover seems like the dirty little secret you should keep hidden.  I went through a period where it was embarrassing.  I felt as though it reflected on me as a person or me as a business owner and leader.  I thought our guests would feel overly concerned- that maybe they would wonder if the business was falling apart. 

Let me back up a little.  My husband Josh has repeatedly told me to learn from his mistakes.  He said to 'PROTECT THE CULTURE.' When he was a Head Football Coach, he held on to people too long.  Great people, whom he cared for- they just weren't bought in.  

I fought with this concept for months, or maybe longer.  The excuses flowed from my mouth, giving reasons why I couldn't make a change.  I was ignorant to think that I was the only person in the world who noticed the issues and inconsistencies.  I'm loyal and empathetic, so I told myself that I wasn't 'me' if I made this choice. 

There was no final straw, no dramatic incident.  There was just that moment that it clicked; I either believe in my purpose, or I don't.  FOR THOSE WHO CONQUER.  The mission has never changed, but I have.  I have gotten more fierce, more focused, and my standards have raised.  

Despite my fears of moving different directions from people I cared about, you want to know what happened?  The team strengthened.  I relaxed on my micromanagement tendencies and got more clarity on the mission; I was no longer focusing on the silly stuff.  My ideas are flowing again because I trust the process.  I can work ON my business often (rather than IN it) because I believe in the people who are there.  Our guests are loyal and excited and have given great feedback.  They are willing to be open about past and present experiences because they have seen my commitment to quality.  It's all so utterly beautiful. 


I've also zeroed in on this one simple truth:  I was made to be a launching point.  Train people up to be better than they were before and then send them on their way to conquer.  The amount of time they spend with me is a give and take relationship that requires effort and yields great reward.   

I have realized that I love to bring out the best in people, train them with intensity, and believe in them with all my heart.  But, I can't force people to want to be their personal best.  That's up to them.  And there are people who are at the phase in life where 'getting by' is enough.  I've been there; I get it.  But I'm not there now.  I hope never to be there again.  

To my past teammates:  Thank you for your grace, your patience, and your willingness to follow me even when I didn't know what I was doing or saying.  You were patient when I talked in circles, and forgiving when I was nit-picky.  You are part of the reason for my success as a business owner.  


To my current team: I am enjoying every single moment with you.  You give me new life through your honesty, your ideas, and your passion for our goal to provide the BEST QUALITY POSSIBLE, RESPECTING OUR GUEST'S TIME, and making them feel WELCOME.  We will change lives together, I can feel it in my bones.  

I no longer think people have to be beside me until the end- I now know each life I touch is a beautiful snapshot in time and I'm blessed to know and grow with them.  I also know that I have done my job well if they have the confidence to go elsewhere.  We are moving into new territory, some higher level stuff.  It requires vision, trust in each other, and a whole lot of passion. 

GUESS WHAT?  We exist for YOU.  Guests who appreciate quality and time.  Stylists who want to be better than they were the day before.  People who have a fear of staying the same even when change is terrifying.  Let's move forward.

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