My Obsession

My Current Accessory Obsession

Do you have that one accessory that you can't stop, won't stop?  For me, I can skip the purses, shoes and earrings.  But every time I pass cool sunglasses I turn to mush.  So when we launched our online store, it was like a dream come true to pick out really cool and fashionable sunglasses.  My hubby is happy too because I'm not purchasing them for myself! Or am I? (Hehehe).  

Why do I like sunglasses?  

  1. They are great when you aren't wearing makeup! You can give the illusion of being 'put together.'  
  2. It doesn't matter what you're wearing; your sunglasses style can make you feel like a whole new person.  Words that come to mind: TRENDY, CLASSIC, MODERN.  
  3. They make even the most casual hairstyle look fancy.  Top knots and side braids are amongst my favorite on-the-go looks.  
  4. You can enhance features, or mask them.  For a guide on choosing a pair that is best for your face shape, read this! 

As we move into summer, do yourself a favor.  Have an epic collection of sunglasses.  


1) DELANEY SHADES || $24 ||  (Featured above!) My son tells me I look like a cat in these... that's a compliment, right?!

2) LANDON SHADES || $38 || Who doesn't like a pair of aviators?  They are available in Silver or Gold, but I'm more of a Gold kind of girl.  And with a little side stripe, they feel a little extra sassy.

3) JESSIE SHADES || $29 || Details details! Love the etching and the fun lens colors available on this one.    

Happy Summer my Friends.  May your Shades be cute and your top knot high!