Salon Owners: Are you frustrated by the hiring process?

I was tired, overworked, juggling my own clientele, learning the business, paying the bills (and the list goes on)… all while conducting interviews that didn’t seem to work out. I started to ask myself, why did I open a Salon in the first place? It surely wasn’t to bring in loads of money. A measly 11% profit is standard in our business as a Salon owner, and the countless hours I was spending to keep the doors open was not panning out.

I became overwhelmed and frustrated with the pattern of meeting under-qualified candidates, or experienced and talented Stylists that seemed to have a DIVA/I’m-a-gift-to-the-world complex.

Salon owners have a nearly impossible hiring process: not only do we have to find licensed candidates, but they also need to fit our Team culture AND be able to do hair WELL. It’s a recipe for frustration.

One day, after having to part with yet another Stylist who ‘wasn’t a fit’, I told myself there had to be other options. There had to be a way to find the right people, train them quickly and easily, and have a step-by-step process for growth and quality.

So I took all of my years of being an in-demand Stylist, my mistakes and victories as a Salon Owner, and my research on the subject… and I compiled a list of which services should be the entry point for ALL Stylists that we hire. Some move through the training process quickly (in a couple weeks) and others take a bit longer. We find the right people and then make them the MASTER OF THEIR OWN DESTINY. No longer am I dragging people along in the training process.

1) Shampoo Services (a great shampoo is STEP ONE to an awesome blowdry, and it’s a trust transaction between the new Stylist and the Salon Guest).

2) BlowDry & Style (This is a service that new Guests are most likely to trust a stylist with right away. After that point, it’s a gateway to other services. It also allows busy stylists to get more colors and cuts on their books because they can pass off the BlowDry).

3) UpStyle (Wedding parties and special events are a GREAT way to capture additional business. Have your newest stylists that have time on their book accept these services!)

4) Basic Makeup (This is a service that most Guests will add on to their service, AND it opens you up to special event business! It also gives an amazing experience to your guests if you offer a complimentary makeup with their color.)

5) Curling/Flat Ironing (A great way for new Stylists to help when the schedule is running behind, OR to give a little extra beauty to your Color/Cut Guests, giving you a little extra time on your schedule!)

We actually have a VERY efficient way to teach your Stylists how to do these 5 services WELL (and so much more) without sucking your time or energy, click here to find out more.

Now that we’ve decided which Quick Start Services are important for new hires, we will now place the Stylists in 2 categories:

1) Experienced but is willing to learn your systems and receive ‘quality checks’ before accepting their own book of business.

2) Inexperienced and willing to learn!

What’s the key ingredient to a great hire? WILLING TO LEARN! Hire the person, not the skill level. The people that ‘buy in’ to your mission and want to see the Salon succeed. Have a training system in place that will allow you to train people without sacrificing your TIME.

I can proudly say, that I’ve solved a MAJOR pain point in my own Salon (hiring effectively and training quickly and smoothly). What struggles are you dealing with in your hiring process? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Amanda ShafferComment