Salon Owners: Are you frustrated by the hiring process?

I was tired, overworked, juggling my own clientele, learning the business, paying the bills (and the list goes on)… all while conducting interviews that didn’t seem to work out. I started to ask myself, why did I open a Salon in the first place? It surely wasn’t to bring in loads of money. A measly 11% profit is standard in our business as a Salon owner, and the countless hours I was spending to keep the doors open was not panning out.

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Amanda ShafferComment
Salon Turnover

In my mind, turnover seems like the dirty little secret you should keep hidden.  I went through a period where it was embarrassing.  I felt as though it reflected on me as a person or me as a business owner and leader.  I thought our guests would feel overly concerned- that maybe they would wonder if the business was falling apart. 

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The complete, 10-Step guide to starting your small business

 There are no precursors on who can become a successful entrepreneur.  You don't have to have a college degree, endless cash flow, or even business experience to start something that could become the next major success.  But, what you do need is a solid plan and the drive to see it through.

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