The Style Bar



It’s more than just a Styling Service to us. We exist to launch you to your next big moment looking AND feeling your best. We use only the best products (Oribe), and we offer a complimentary drink that we will deliver to your seat.


  • We often work as a two person team, giving you the highest quality in a shorter amount of time. This is based on availability, so if you have a preference either way- please let us know!

  • We LOVE to offer your convenience. We are a flat rate Salon (no gratuity accepted). We want you to recharge and enjoy, tipping is just a distraction in our minds. Ask how you can become a TAB Member (you just walk out the door, no checkout required!

  • We have a flexible cancellation policy for Style Bar services. As long as you call before your appt, you will not be charged. No-Shows result in cancellation fee, please ask Concierge for details.

  • We don’t charge extra for long or thick hair! Why should you be punished for having extra locks? Note: there will be a charge for Guests with Extensions, please let us know at the time of booking so we can allow enough time.

  • We pay attention to detail. Our goal is to offer the highest quality from start to finish, and we love to know how we can improve. Education is a HUGE part of our mission, so we look forward to constantly improving for YOU!